Can Deodorant Cause Lump in Armpit?

Cause Lump in Armpit

This question may often arise in your mind, whether using a deodorant can cause lump in armpit? Therefore, we tried to provide insight to you regarding lump in armpit. This is one story of one of the patients was 20 years old, her name kept strictly confidential. Based on his experience, over the last two months of using deodorant, She admitted that her right arm pain.

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She also added that, on a lump in armpit, the right side. She also added that, for some time she did not use deodorant, and then lump in armpit is lost.

Lump in armpit caused by inflammation of the lymph nodes in the armpit or in the sweat glands (Hidradenitis suppurativa) in the area, which is triggered by chemical substances that exist in the deodorant. So, you should be careful in using deodorant. In the case of patients before, can we both noticed that there is a link between deodorant that is used with lump in armpit problems that occur.

It is recommended for those of you who have disorders of the arm, like lump in armpit after using deodorant deodorant to immediately replace it with another. Try also changing deodorants with other materials which are not irritating to the skin and surrounding glands.

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